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Roade Primary School is a happy, successful and busy Primary school where we are passionate about raising expectations and aspirations. As a school, we pride ourselves in placing children at the centre of all we do, focusing on their academic and personal development and reaching their potential in both.

We are incredibly proud of our caring and thoughtful children and also of our wonderful, dedicated staff who provide a learning environment and school ethos in which children can flourish and develop an enthusiasm for life-long learning. As a school, we pride ourselves on high levels of pupil academic achievement because this is a school where achievement and endeavour in all areas are acknowledged and celebrated.

We are proud of our school community and work in partnership with our parents to inspire the children to believe in themselves, develop resilience and achieve their potential. Our parents provide support for both their children and the school and our active Friends Of Roade Primary School (FORPS) support the school, looking for fun, exciting ways to inspire and challenge our learners of all ages! Together we ensure that the experiences for our school family are wide and varied.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

See you at the gate!

Mark Currell

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You can look at our latest OFSTED report here:

121854__2 Ofsted Report Jan 2015.pdf 


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A new school for the 21st century....

Our new building is finished-the grounds are nearly finished and we are in-enjoying the space and filling the new rooms with energy and creativity.

Welcome to your new look Roade Primary School 2017.

Open day....

Please spread the word and share! We are looking for more adventurers to REACH FOR THE SKY in 2018.

More spaces have opened up in our reception for 2018-we are holding an open day to showcase our school to prospective parents and families. The 8th November is going to be a busy day-but we can't wait to show off our happy, busy little school.

Please help us share that we have 60 places ready for artists, actors, sportsmen and women, engineers, educators, leaders, speakers, scientists, dancers, writers, dreamers and schemers.