Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Meet the team:


Mrs Roff                    Mrs Cosgrove            Mrs Collison            Mrs Burk                   Miss Lamb             Miss Humphrey

EYFS lead teacher     EYFS                         EYFS/Year1/Year2   EYFS/Year1/Year2     Year 1                   Key Stage Leader/Year2

                                                                                                                                                                  Assistant Head Teacher


Miss Singleton         Mrs Garwood             Mrs Hewitt                Mrs Willey                 Miss Berry                 Mrs Buckland

EYFS                         EYFS                          Year 1                       Year 2                        Year 2                       KS1 interventions


We have an open door policy-if you wish to speak to one of the team-please make an appointment or catch them at the end of the day!

Is your child ready for school?

Here are some handy documents for our youngest learners to help you get them ready for school and to support them throughout their learning in Reception and Key Stage 1.


Supporting your child with maths.pdf

Supporting your child with reading at home.pdf

Supporting your child with writing at home.pdf

A Parents guide to supporting spelling at Roade.pdf

Useful information in supporting your children at home.pdf

Reminders for parents and carers.pdf

Curriculum Newsletters from your classes:

Here are the curriculum newsletters from your class so that you know what your child is learning at school and how you can support them at home.


Year R Autumn-Winter Newsletter.pdf

Year R Spring Newsletter.pdf

Year R Summer Newsletter 1.pdf

Year 1:

Year 1 Autumn-Winter Newsletter.pdf

Year 1 Spring Newsletter.pdf

Year 2 Summer Newsletter.pdf

Year 2:

Year 2 Autumn Newsletter.pdf

Year 2 Spring Newsletter.pdf

Year 2 Summer Newsletter.pdf