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COVID-19 CoronaVirus-Preparation for Closure

The advice for educational establishments from the Government is here: Government Advice

It is important not to overreact and to scare families and our students, but we felt it was important to prepare fully for any school closure. In the event that the school is told to close its doors to prevent further spread of Coronavirus we are preparing work to keep your children busy. Behind the scenes things are being prepared-JUST IN CASE!

In the event that UK/Northants schools are required to close, I encourage all parents to develop plans now for your children. Unlike winter weather-related closures, schools could be advised to close for a longer period. Some settings closed due to COVID-19 could possibly shut down for one or two weeks. We understand this would create a hardship for many of our families, especially if we are required to close with very little advanced notice.

So here are the preparations for work to be completed at home whilst school is closed:

All children will come home with a prepared pack. In the pack will be age appropriate work-already copied and ready to go. There will be paper to write and draw upon, pieces of Maths, English, Science and Topic work. We will also include a pencil so that the children can complete the work set. In the pack will be your child's login for Purple Mash-our online learning platform. Every child will have a login and every child will be set a series of online tasks that can be achieved at home and can be remotely marked by the teachers at home. This to do list can be added to by the teachers if needed. Many of our children have used Purple Mash for their homework and are familiar with the platform. 

To have access to PURPLE MASH-just click here. PURPLE MASH LOG IN

KEY STAGE 1 pupils (Reception to year 2) can find a number of activities and resources on the BBC BITESIZE page. This is available here: BBC BITESIZE KS1

KEY STAGE 2 pupils (Years 3-6) will find resources and activities here: BBC BITESIZE KS2

Oxford Owl is a fantastic website. You can find it here: Oxford Owl This site offers Reading, Phonics, Spelling, maths games and activities. Just click on the free resources to support learning at home.

Times Tables Rock Stars is great for testing yourself on your times tables-most of our children have been accessing this all year and have had fun trying to out-do each other! TIMES TABLES ROCK STARS

To help you learn your times tables is excellent. The link is here: TIMESTABLES.CO.UK

Your child can obviously read, read and read as much as they can and whatever they like! We will providing some books to read-there are even more on Purple Mash. Our children will really benefit from reading in their heads and outloud or being read to! 

Communication  with school can happen in a number of ways. We will be able to dial in and place information on our parentmail platform. We will use our social media to relay information to you-our FaceBook page and Twitter. Parents can use the admin email or the 

We will be open as usual until we are instructed to close by the authorities. The packs will be sent home on the last day of school. In the event that we have to close-the school will close completely. Staff and pupils will not be allowed on site-apart from specific staff in emergency situations. We will remain closed until we are instructed to reopen-this information will be relayed to you through social media and parentmail. 

We do not wish to close. Closure will be as a direct instruction from the government and will be a decision not taken lightly by the school leadership. Like all good cubs and scouts-BE PREPARED! We will give you as much notice as we can and be very upfront with our staff, pupils and families. We hope you appreciate the preparation-just in case!

Information on Corona Virus and resources for families in a range of languages can be found here in the latest information from Northampton County Council.