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Young Voices

Welcome to the Young Voices Choir page. I am Miss East and would like to tell you a little about our choir.

We meet every Thursday in the hall from 3.15-4.15 where the children (and adults) practise the songs and dance moves ready to perform in the arena on concert day.

On the day of the concert we travel to London by coach which is all arranged for your children. Once at the arena-its rehearsal time with thousands of other children and our guest stars before breaking for tea.

The audience can arrive from 6pm and then it's lights down and the largest school choir in the world begins. It is a truly amazing experience for both children and staff and I hope the audience.

All too soon the concert is over and we return to school tired but usually very happy.

Then the wait for next year’s music pack begins...

The O2 is an incredible venue and very safe for our children and parents to visit. This will be the third year in a row that we have taken children and we love it and have always had an amazing time. We have sung with some truly talented and very famous people!

Young Voices 2018 - it's going to be amazing!

Below is the link to the lyrics we will be performing at the 2018 concert on Thursday 1st February. Please encourage your child to learn these songs. The children will also be bringing home a lyric sheet. Please keep these at home for the children to practise from. The children will need to know the lyrics as they are not allowed to take them to the concert. They are good fun and our children need no encouragement to perform!

Young Voices 2018 Lyrics-click on this link for the words!

 Young Voices Lyrics 2018 

Click here for the YouTube clips to sing along with the Young Voices tunes!

Young Voices-Today's the day

Young Voices-Name that Toon

Young Voices-Africa

Young Voices-Why we sing

Young Voices-Extraordinary

Young Voices-Pop go the classics

Young Voices-Hakuna Matata

Young Voices-Kyrie Eleison

Young Voices-Any time you need a friend

Young Voices-The call

Young Voices-You're in the band

Young Voices-Stevie Wonderland

Young Voices-I'm Yours

Young Voices-Pop Medley

And here is the parent's lyric sheet for you to print out-then you can sing along on the day! Lyric sheet