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September 2020 opening to all pupils.....


It is the intention of the school that in line with government guidance and instruction we open to all pupils from September 2020.

The school and the staff are ready to open and ready to see you and your children. We have planned carefully and now it is important that we share the plans with you. We are confident that the school has done all it can and is as prepared as it can be. I am confident in the staff to deliver the best possible experience for our children and to keep them safe in accordance with the guidance within their bubbles and year groups. It will not take the worry away completely. There will be some butterflies-for us all, but I am confident that we have done all we can do to be ready for full opening.

It has been a very strange time-and there have been different experiences for us all-good times and more tricky times. I could not be prouder of our school community over the last few months. There has been a real sense of pulling together and playing our part-a real sense of community spirit. It is certainly not over by any means and there is still work to be done-but with the reopening to all children in September, there is an excitement and a relief.

Please read the documents attached very carefully and here is why….

  • Roade Primary School September 2020 Post Covid Implementation Plan

It is huge-but it is how the school will operate and there are some clear instructions in here for all of us including start times and end times, lunchtimes and how we will keep our children as safe as possible and how we are following the government guidance. Everything is explained in here-it has been agreed by the governing body and the staff received their copy today so that they are fully prepared for our opening in September. If anything-please read this one!

  • Attendance Policy

There is a government drive that all children should be attending school from September-no one is to be educated off site-so we have made some changes to the attendance policy. Here it is for you to read through.

  • Behaviour Policy

Obviously we are going to be tight on discipline and roles within the school. The behaviour policy has undergone a complete review and there are some clear expectations of all our children and the whole school community. For example-if we have a pupil that is not able to follow these safety measures and restrictions of working and playing in our bubbles, zones and year groups-then there may well be an increased sanction- as we look to ensure that safety of all our site users. We have always had high expectations-now even more so. The safety of all is paramount.

  • Roade Primary School Post Covid Recovery plan

What the children will do and what the school will do to actively support the children to achieve their potential after missing so much time. All our children will be at different stages-we need to assess them and look at the gaps in their learning.

  • Return to school in September

Sally Currell has put together a simple diagram that may help to explain some of this planning-after all it is a big read and there is a lot to take in!

In September there will be a revised and newly formatted home-school agreement coming to you to be signed. This will lay out clearly what the expectations are of the school, the teachers, the children and the pupils. It is a contract to be signed by all parties and in light of the way in which we all need to be working we will expect all stakeholders to sign up to this safe way of working-to keep everyone safe. Also at the bottom is our Northamptonshire County Council Risk Assessment. 

We hope that by sharing this with you now-before the summer, you have time to read and digest all this information and that you feel satisfied that the school has done all that it possibly can to be ready and to keep our children and staff safe. The health and well being of all our pupils and families is paramount. We are a community together.

If there are questions that you need answering you could email me at the admin email address-it’s on our website at the bottom of the page!

Thank you for your continued support of your children and the school.

See you at the gate


Mark Currell

Roade Primary School September 2020 Post Covid Implementation Plan

Attendance Policy 2020

Behaviour Policy 2020

Roade Primary School Post Covid Recovery Plan

Return to School in September 2020

NCC risk assessment Sept 2020