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Aim High Reach for the Sky!


(Modern Foreign Language)

From Year 3 to Year 6 we teach French to all children. Our approach is to make learning a new language fun! Young pupils are very receptive to learning a new language; they like to mimic pronunciation and they can easily pick up and duplicate new sounds.

They feel a real sense of accomplishment when they learn to say something new. We will have discreet lessons on the timetable but we will also integrate the foreign language into the everyday routine.

The school uses the Rachel Hawkes scheme of work to scaffold the teaching of French and are fortunate to have a French specialist within our governing body.

National Curriculum Language Programmes of Study



Roade Primary school uses the Rachel Hawkes scheme of learning.  From this we aim to achieve the following:

  • a planned approach to teaching and embedding the sound-writing relationship
  • a carefully selected core vocabulary (including verbs), based on frequency of use
  • a clear, progressive, sequenced teaching of grammar, including the chance to process input for meaning
  • frequent, planned opportunities for recall, repetition, reuse in a variety of contexts leading over time to mastery
  • opportunities to encounter and practise language in engaging contexts, with a particular focus on cultural knowledge
  • a maximal approach to integrating both receptive and productive modes of language use (i.e. the four ‘skills’)


The scheme follows the following strategies in an attempt to achieve the intent aims for all learners:


  • selection & sequencing of sound-symbol correspondences (SSCs)
  • high-frequency ‘source’ words


  • selection informed by ‘high frequency
  • including a verb lexicon
  • sets of mixed word classes


selection informed by ‘high frequency

Teaching for understanding

  • Planning language use (teacher and students)
  • L1-L2 translations provided in vocabulary presentation (where images/gestures insufficient)
  • Paring presentation, maximising practice
  • Processing pairs to make grammar memorable and meaningful
  • Providing frequent feedback (initially item-by-item)
  • frequent
  • spaced
  • meaning- and form-focused
  • involving an element of struggle
  • multi-modal


Our curriculum aims to produce learners who are confident in using French within the areas that they have been taught.  We focus on the high frequency use, with learners being more comfortable with the processes and strategies needed to access modern foreign languages after they have finished their key stage 2 programme of study.