Pupil Premium Funding

The pupil premium is additional school funding for disadvantaged children. It is paid directly to your child's school to improve the quality of their education.

Your child's school may be entitled to pupil premium funding if you receive one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit Only (with income up to £16,190) with no element of Working Tax Credit
  • National Asylum Seekers Support
  • Guarantee Element of the State Pension Credit
  • Employment and Support Allowance (income related)
  • Universal Credit (income dependant)

How does my school get the pupil premium for my child?

Infant years: reception, year 1 and year 2

All children at this age are eligible for free school meals so you will need to apply separately for the pupil premium for your child's school.

Please be aware that a child must reside with the applicant to receive the pupil premium.

Use the online form below to apply.

West Northamptonshire Council covers the following areas:

  • Daventry
  • Northampton
  • South Northants

If your child attends a school based in one of the areas above:

Apply for the pupil premium - West Northamptonshire

North Northamptonshire Council covers the following areas:

  • Kettering
  • Corby
  • East Northants
  • Wellingborough

If your child attends a school based in one of the areas above:

Apply for the pupil premium - North Northamptonshire

Year 3 and above

If your child is in year 3 and above, and you want to check eligibility for pupil premium, please use the free school meals form to apply for pupil premium entitlement.

The school the child is attending will automatically get a pupil premium amount if the child is eligible for free school meals.

Apply for free school meals (year 3 and above)

The funding is provided by the Department for Education and given to schools and education providers by the Virtual School. All children in care to Northamptonshire County Council enrolled at a school from reception to year 11 are eligible to receive the pupil premium plus.

Read more on the pupil premium plus

​This is additional funding available for children of armed services personnel. Every service child is entitled to service child pupil premium while their parent is serving, and up to six years after the parent has left the armed forces (as long as it was claimed for 6 months prior to discharge).

How to claim the for service child pupil premium

Schools must register your child as a service child within the yearly census (January deadline). Once they are registered the school can then claim the funding directly.

Service child pupil premium - find out more

Early years pupil premium  (EYPP)

Find out more about the early years pupil premium

Pupil Premium Policy Statement 2022/23

Use of the Pupil Premium

As per the DfE Conditions of Grant, the pupil premium may be spent in the following ways:

  • For the purposes of the school; that is, for the educational benefit of pupils registered at that school
  • For the benefit of pupils registered at other maintained schools or academies
  • On community services whose provision furthers the benefit of pupils at the school

In line with the Education Endowment Foundation, Roade Primary School will be adopting the Three Tiered Approach when allocating the pupil premium:

  • Teaching – to ensure the quality of teaching is at its highest possible standard, including staff professional development
  • Targeted academic support – such as structured interventions, small group tuition, one to one support
  • Wider strategies – tackling non-academic barriers to success in school, social and emotional needs and where needed, engagement with external professional services.

Although the main aim of the pupil premium is to raise attainment, we can also spend the allocation on:

  • Non-academic outcomes, such as improving pupils’ mental health and wellbeing
  • Non-academic improvements, such as better attendance
  • Activities that will also benefit pupils who do not meet the eligibility criteria but need additional support

Under the current Conditions of Grant for Pupil Premium, we are not required to have completely spent the 2022/23 allocation within the financial year beginning 1st April 2022; some or all of it may be carried forward to future financial years.

We are not required to spend the pupil premium to solely benefit eligible pupils. The allocations we receive are not personal budgets for individual children, they shall be used to benefit the cohort of children where additional needs/support have been identified within school.

We will work alongside parents / carers to identify and agree upon how funding can be best used to support a specific need of a child. It is important that interventions supported by pupil premium are evidence based and in the best interests of the child.

Roade Primary School Pupil Premium Strategy 23-24

Pupil Premium Strategy 2023-24

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