Every child, in every year group is expected to:

Read to an adult at least 4 times a week

Practice their number or times table work at least 4 times a week

Both of the above can be recorded in their reading records

Year 6 are also expected to complete the work set within their home study books, as directed by year 6 staff.

When appropriate, within EYFS and key stage 1, RWInc videos are sent out weekly via Parent Mail . 

In addition to these requirements, we have also created termly homework menus for all year groups.  These are completely optional to complete.

If your child does complete any of this work, please can they bring it into school on Monday 22nd July 2024 to share with the class.

There is no requirement for any child to complete any tasks on the menus.


Year 1 Menu

Year 2 Menu

Year 3 Menu

Year 4 Menu

Year 5 Menu

Year 6 Menu